After a year, viewing Oaxaca


After a year, viewing Oaxaca

Saturday October 6, 8:30 pm in La Pera

Photo exposition
After a year, viewing Oaxaca

Perspectives from Oaxaca
Exposition by the Photographic Center Manuel Álvarez Bravo

The table:
Liberty of free speech and repression in Oaxaca

With the participation of:
– Sergio Beltran Arruti, general coordinator of the alternative education project at the University of Land (Unitierra), through which he has been collaborating in the Oaxacan People’s Popular Assembly (APPO). He was a member of Radio Plantón, one of the most important community transmitters of the recent Oaxacan movement.
– Silvia Hernández, member of the organization VOCAL (Oaxacan Voices constructing Autonomy and Freedom).

Marina Pages, SIPAZ coordinator
Leonardo Toledo, Independent Photographers

For more information:

Sergio Beltran
Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo
Fotografos Independientes


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