Chiapas: Viejo Velasco, a year after the unjust detention of Diego Arcos Meneses

[Source: Enrique Romero, Noticias Palenque]

Diego Arco Meneses, Chol, catequista, and a community leader from Nuevo Tila, municipality of Ocosingo, was arrested on November 14, 2006 a day after an armed attack against the community of Viejo Velasco when four people were killed and four were disappeared.

Regardless of serious faults in the case presented against him by the district attorney, a local judge dictated a court order on formal imprisonment against Diego Arcos in February 2007 even though the defense presented witnesses that were able to corroborate that he was working with them the day of the massacre.

In August he won an appeal where it was confirmed that there did not exist any evidence against him. Nevertheless, Diego Arcos continues imprisoned waiting for the results of the juducial process.

More information in Spanish:

Mexico, one year of injustice for Diego Arcos Meneses, in Spanish: México, un año de injusticia para Diego Arcos Meneses (Índice AI: AMR 41/061/2007)

Amnesty Internation Public Declaration: One year of injustice for Diego Arcos, in Spanish: Declaración pública de Amnistía Internacional México: Un año de injusticia para Diego Arcos (Índice de AI: AMR 41/064/2007)

The Montes Azules Civil Observation Commission’s Pronouncement: Impunity one year after the Viejo velsaco massacre, in Spanish: Pronunciamiento de la Comisión Civil de Observación Montes Azules: Impunidad a un año de la masacre de Viejo Velasco

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