Chiapas: Third Encounter between the zapatistas and the peoples of the world

From December 28th through 31, 2007, the Third Encounter between the Zapatistas and the peoples of the world “La Comandanta Ramona y las Zapatistas” was celebrated in the Caracol of La Garrucha.

During the encounter women members of the base of support, authorities from Good Government Councils, and female commanders and insurgents from all the Caracoles spoke on the following topics: 1.-Women, and women within the Other Campaign; 2.-How female Zapatistas used to live and how they live today; 3.-What they did and how they organized themselves to successfully win their rights; 4.-What their responsibilities in the present ; 5.-How they maintain the spirit of struggle struggle; 6.-How things are changing ; and 7.-How they continue their struggle through education of their Zapatista children.

There were also speeches given by women from different organizations in Africa, the United States Asia and Europe. Among them there were numerous participants from Vía Campesina.

The question and answer period for the all-female audience ( men were not admitted inside the auditorium) was restricted to five minutes after each speech.

After the final event, the 14th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising was commemorated.

Audio recordings from the Encounter (from the Zezta Internacional home page)






Photo gallery from the Encounter (click on the photo)

More information about the Encountero

EZLN/ZeztaInternazional home page

Enlace Zapatista home page

Centro de Medios Independientes Chiapas home page(Indymedia Chiapas)


El encuentro zapatista permitió globalizar la lucha de las mujeres: participantes (La Jornada, 03/01/2008)


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