Chiapas: Melel Xojobal debuts book “Childhood Matters to Mexico 2007”

[Source: Melel Xojobal]

On February 1st, the organization of Melel Xojobal celebrated its 11th anniversary wit the debut of its book “Childhood Matters to Mexico 2007” (La Infancia Cuenta en México 2007) in San Cristobal de Las Casas.

Childhood Matters to Mexico follows a set of indicators established by the Network for Children’s Rights in Mexico (Red por los Derechos de la Infancia en México or RDIM). These indicators measures the status of children’s rights in Mexico, creating an accessible and trustworthy font of information from which legislators can draw to inform decisions regarding the rights of children.

Childhood Matters to Mexico was inspired by Kids Count, a development project established by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The RDIM adopted the Kids Count model, but focused in on children’s rights in order to better follow the efficacy of legislation passed on issues of children’s rights. The RDIM also includes in their reports the living voices of the boys and girls of Mexico, in recognition of children’s right to participate (and the value of their participation) in their own lives.

For more information:

Melel Xojobal
“Childhood Matters to Mexico, Network for Children’s Rights in Mexico (RDIM)

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