Oaxaca: ANDDH denounces the torture and killing of a small farmer in San Blas Atempa

According to a report by the Nacional Association of Human Rights Defenders (Asociación Nacional de Defensores de Derechos Humanos, ANDDH), on the afternoon of January 30, Rosalino Díaz Barrera was working his parcel of land located on the road between the municipality and the Santa Rosa municipal agency when at approximately 2:00, a group of municipal police in patrol vehicles, came upon Rosalino.  He was immediately subdued with violence and taken to an unknown location.

On the afternoon of the 31 January a group of townspeople from the Rancho Llano (north) municipal agency encountered the lifeless body of Rosalino on the side of a nearby mountain.

The urgent action of the ANDDH also pointed out that the body of Rosalino Díaz Barrera showed clear signs of torture, beatings and serious lesions, his hands were tied and a bullet wound was found on the right side of his body.

Rosalino Díaz Barrera, was a resident of the municipality of Villa de San Blas Atempa, a small farmer and a social rights defender.  He was also a sympathizer of both the Popular Autonomous Council of Villa de San Blas Atempa (H. Ayuntamiento Popular Autónomo de la Villa de San Blas Atempa ) since 2005 as well as the Guenda Racané Group-Popular Revolutionary Front (Grupo Guenda Racané-Frente Popular Revolucionario).

For more information:

ANDHH Urgent Action (ANNDH, 01/02/2008) [Spanish]

Denunciation of kidnappings and killings in Oaxaca (La Jornada, 04/02/2008) [Spanish]


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