Chiapas: Las Abejas request accompaniment in the community of Tsanembolom

April 18, 2008, SIPAZ received a communiqué from the administrative council of Las Abejas Civil Society Organization (Organización Sociedad Civil Las Abejas) requesting the accompaniment of two familias from the community of Tsanembolom in the municipality of Chenalhó.They have solicited the accompaniment “from the April 23 to May 9, while they work to prepare the corn and coffee fields.”

The two families, affiliated with Las Abejas, were originally displaced on October 15, 1997 along with several zapatista families by fellow community members who adhere to the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI, Partido Revolucionario Institucional).

For eight years the two families resided in the community of Tzajalchen and later returned to Tsanembolom in 2005.Some two years later on May12, 2007, the families decided to leave the community once again and find refuge in Acteal (the seat of the administrative council of Las Abejas) after receiving threats from the PRI members of the area who have attempted rid the community of all organizations that are not PRI.

In February of 2008, the families attempted to return to the community one more time and were yet again met with threats compelling them to return to Acteal where they have resided up until the present.SIPAZ visited the community of Tsanembolom on May 7, 2008, where the families have spent the last two weeks preparing their fields for the growing season.There SIPAZ, accompanied by two members of the administrative council of Las Abejas, recorded the testimonies of the family members regarding their current situation in the community.According to those interviewed, the families have not received any threats during their current stay in Tsanembolom.However, though the request for accompaniment was sent to various social organizations, the familias have not received any responses.

The administrative council of Las Abejas has stated that they will distribute a second request for accompaniment in the coming weeks as the families attempt to finish preparing their fields.

For more information (in Spanish):

Las Abejas communique requesting accompaniment in Tsanembolom (18/04/2008)

Denunciation from the Autonomous Municipality of San Pedro Polhó with respect to the displaced families in Tsanembolom (20/01/2008)


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