Mexico: Conclusion of the First National Meeting of Human Rights Defenders and Family Members of Political Prisoners and Prisoners of Conscience

From July 24 to 26, 2008 the Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Human Rights Center (Centro Prodh, Centro de Derechos Humanos Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez) in conjunction with the Solidarity Network “A Decade Against Impunity (Red Solidaria “Década Contra la Impunidad”), the Iberoamerican University (Universidad Iberoamericana) and the Ecclesiastical Observatory (Observatorio Eclesial) held a collaborative meeting of human rights defenders and relatives of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Mexico City.

Various social and human rights organizations from several different regions in Mexico as well as internationals such as SIPAZ, participated in the event. The objective of the meeting was “To create a space for reflexion and análisis in order to design strategies within the context of the criminalization human rights defenders in social protest and in cases of political prisoners and prisoner of conscience.”

Click below to see this post in Spanish and video of the press conference held at Centro Prodh following the meeting.

México: Se concluye el Primer Encuentro Nacional de Defensores/as de Derechos Humanos y Familiares de Presos/as Políticos y de Conciencia (SIPAZ, 28/06/08)


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