Oaxaca: Military operation in Santiago Lachivía leaves two dead and one wounded; Urgent Action

According to the Centro Prodh, on August 5, twenty military personnel arrived unannounced at the community of Santiago Lachivía, located within the San Carlos Yautepec district, in the southern sierra of Oaxaca, and shot several rounds into the air after which the majority of people in the area, who were working on a communal plot, attempted to flee, looking for safe cover. Two were left dead and one wounded as a result of the attack, according to the Communal Lands Commissioner Evaristo Belleza Ávila and later confirmed by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Oaxaca (PGJE). However, in his initial statement Alberto Quezada, State Director of Public Security, confirmed that he was only aware of “one death in Lachivia (committed by) personnel in military uniform.”

In addition, anonymous government sources confirmed that there had been military presence in the region carrying out anti-organized crime operations. Immediately after the incident the military personnel searched those present and after failing to find any arms or drugs, they left the scene without any further explanation.

The Union of Indigneous Peoples and Communities of Yautepec Oaxaca (UPCIYO), Tequio Jurídico A.C. and Transparency for Local Development A.C. circulate an urgent action.


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