Mexico: Weighty sentences for members of the FPDT in Atenco

Ignacio del Valle,leader of the FPTD [Source: D.R. 2005 Greg Berger/Narco News]

On August 21, the first penal court of Texcoco, Mexico State, sentenced 10 members and sympathizers of the Peoples Front for the Defense of the Land (FPTD, Frente del Pueblo en Defensa de la Tierra), in San Salvador Atenco, to 31 years, 10 months and 15 days in prison. All 10 individuals have been held by the authorities since the police operative, in which they were arrested, took place on May 3 and 4 of 2006.

In addition, the court sentenced Ignacio del Valle, leader of the movement, to 45 years in prison for the crimes of kidnapping and attacks to traffic routes. Del Valle is currently being held at El Altiplano maximum security prison, serving a term of 67 years for a previous case concerning the events in early May, in which he was found guilty of kidnapping for the holding of officials between February and April 2006. This new sentence will expand the social activist’s sentence to a total of 112 years in prison.

National and international human rights and social organizations have strongly protested his sentence. Among them, the Internacional Civil Commission for Human Rights Observation (CCIODH, Comisión Civil Internacional de Observación por los Derechos Humanos), who had visited FDTP prisoners in 2006, declared the sentences “completely abusive.”

More information:

6th Visit of the CCIODH. Mexico, February 2008: Conclusions and Provisional Recommendations

More information in Spanish:

Comunicado ante las condenas a los presos de Atenco (CCIODH, 24/08/08)

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La justicia de arriba, la Justicia de abajo (Blog “Atenco Somos Todas”, 22/08/2008)

Comunicado ante las condenas a los presos de Atenco (CCIODH, 21/08/2008)


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