Chiapas: Women’s group harassed in Pujiltic

Footage of the eviction recorded by members of the August 11 Women’s Group

On August 28, 2008, at approximately 3 in the afternoon, the Grupo de Mujeres 11 de agosto (August 11 Women’s Group, affiliated with OCEZ-RC) from Pujiltic in the municipality of Venustiano Carranza, were violently assaulted by a group of some 600 workers from the Pujiltic sugar refinery, members of Section 42 of the Sugar Workers’ Union. The workers were threatened with a 40 day work suspension if they did not participate in the eviction of the women which was headed by the sugar union leaders Abel Morales Arguello and Manuel Lievano Arguello. Also present at the eviction were members of the State Preventative Police as well as Regional Delegate Limber Capito Juárez, and other officials from the Venustiano Carranza municipal government. According to the denouncement issued by the Grupo de Mujeres 11 de agosto, “the municipal agent from the Obrera district of Pujiltic, Juan Martínez Gutiérrez, arrived at the scene discharging tear gas and acting as the authority in the aggression.”

On August 29, SIPAZ conducted an interview with a member of the Grupo de Mujeres 11 de agosto in which she describes the events of August 28. To view the interview (in Spanish) click on the link below.

Chiapas: Acoso de Mujeres in Pujilitic

More information in Spanish:

Comunicado del Grupo de Mujeres 11 de agosto (28/08/08)

Sindicato azucarero y AFI desalojan a mujeres en Chiapas (CIMAC, 05/09/08)

Suspendido por no agredir (Cuarto Poder, 31/09/08)

Agreden obreros a vendedoras (Cuarto Poder, 30/09/08)


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