Chiapas: Good Government Committee of Oventic denounces a number of aggressions carried out by PRI members against members of the autonomous municipality of Polho

On October 29, the Good Government Committee (JBG, Junta de Buen Gobierno) of Oventic, of the Highlands of Chiapas, denounced through a communiqué a number of aggressions against members of the Zapatista autonomous municipality of San Pedro Polho. It deals principally with aggressions that occurred in the last two months: shots, the sale of high caliber arms, the movement of armed persons in a number of communities in the municipality of Chenalhó. According to the communique these actions occurred with the support of the municipal government and the army.

The communique also states: “As Good Government Committee, we strongly condemn the violent and irrational actions of the bad government carried out through its paramilitaries, its community authorities, as well as its municipal, state, and federal authorities.”

For More Information (In Spanish):

Comunicado integral de la JBG de Oventic

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