Oaxaca: The Movement of Political Prisoners Worries their Families and Social Organizations

According to information distributed by a number of social organizations in Oaxaca including the Committee of Political Prisonsers of Santa María Ixcotel, the Committee of Citizen Defense (CODECI), and Oaxacan Voices Constructing Autonomy and Liberty (VOCAL), 11 prisoners have been transferred “from the central penitentiary of Santa María Ixcotel, Oaxaca to an unknown location on November 27, 2008.” The identities of 9 of the prisoners are unknown, but the announcement that was circulated stated that among the prisoners were Pedro Castillo Aragón, member of several organizations including the Committee of Citizen Defense (CODECI), the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO), the Other Campaign, as well as the organization Committee of Political Prisoners of Santa María Ixcotel. Also imprisoned was Victor Hugo Martinez Toledo, member of the APPO. Family and friends denounced that: “At the moment (…) we do not know where they were taken to, the true motive for their movement, or their physical and emotional conditions.” Their has not yet been a public declaration by the authorities as to the reason for their transfer.

For More Information (In Spanish)

Comunicado de las organizaciones sociales Comité de Presos Políticos de Santa María Ixcotel, Comité de Defensa Ciudadana (CODECI) y Voces Oaxaqueños Autonomía y Libertad (VOCAL) (27/11/2008)

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