Acteal: Living with impunity


On December 22 the community of Acteal in the Highlands of Chiapas commemorated the 11th anniversary of the massacre that took place there in 1997 titled “Living with Impunity.” In a ceremony that attracted 100 of people, the Civil Society of the Abejas (Bees) of Acteal once again denounced the impunity continues with regard to the intellectual authors of the massacre as well as the irregularities that have occurred and the lack of justice in the case against the intellectual authors.

Meanwhile a public report written by the Fray Bartolomé Human Rights Center expresses the “deliberate and misguided” policy of the government in “committing systematic attacks against the civil population with the intended end of debilitating the support for the EZLN and evetually crushing” the movement during the period of the massacre at Acteal. The Abejas concluded en their communiqué that from here on “we will construct justice ourselves in a non-violent form as we are tired of waiting for the mal gobierno (bad government).”

More information in Spanish:

Comunicado de la Organización de la Sociedad civil las Abejas (22/12/08)

Informe: Acteal en Impunidad, Frayba (22/12/08)


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