Oaxaca: Attempted murder against a member of VOCAL

The night of January 10, a member of the organization VOCAL (Oaxacan Voices Building Autonomy and Liberty), Rubén Valencia Nuñez was victim to an attempted murder. After having been insulted in the middle of the street in the center of the city of Oaxaca, he took refuge in a nearby café. According to the urgent action, signed by VOCAL, the CASOTA (the House of Solidarity and Self-Sustaining Work), the University of the Earth- Oaxaca, and Diploma of Barefoot Investigators, Rubén Valencia Nuñez was wounded 3 times with a short, stabbing weapon by a man “who looked like a member of the ministerial or judicial Police”. Rubén was taken to the hospital where his wounds were taken care of and he is now out of danger.

The organizations that signed the urgent action denounce “these acts as part of a strategy of repression and violence orchestrated by the government of the state of Oaxaca, but carried out through paramilitary police groups or civilians in the service of that same state. For this we denounce to the entire world the possibility of the initiation of a selective repression, in the style of the dirty war suffered by the social movements of this country thirty years ago. The aggression suffered at this moment by comrade RUBEN comes at the head of a string of aggressions, intimidations and detentions against different comrades in the social movement over recent months, and whilst none of which have been successful, demonstrate the authoritarian and illegal acts of the State that continue with this latest aggression, which may signal a new and yet more dangerous type of governmental repression and violence carried out by paramilitary police, paramilitaries and thugs in the service of the bad government of ULISES RUIS ORTIZ, in the style of a dirty war.”

For more information:

Attempted Murder of APPO member Ruben Valencia (Infoshop News, 1/11/09)

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