Chiapas: 4 prisoners are freed in Chiapas

On February 23, 3 prisoners, who are members of the “Voz de los Llanos”, and 1 prisoner from “La Voz de Amate” were liberated. According to the communiqué released by the Human Rights Center Fray Bartolome de las Casas (Frayba), which has worked on the case of the prisoners, Agustín Rodríguez Jímenez and Diego Rodríguez Hernández, who were incarcerated in the State Center for the Social Rehabilitation of Prisoners (CERSS) No. 5, were liberated under early release, while Tiburcio Gómez Pérez remains under house arrest waiting the final judgment. José Pérez Pérez, member of the organization “La Voz de Amate” in the CERSS No. 14 in the municipality of Cintalapa, was freed by having his sentence suspended.

Only days earlier, on February 18 Miguel Gómez Gómez, member of “La Voz de Amate”, was liberated after his innocence was proved in civil court, and his sentence was absolved.

It is important to remember that professor Alberto Patishtan Gómez (member of “La Voz de Amate” and incarcerated since June of 2000) remains in prison in the CERSS No. 14. Because his case is in federal court, his legal situation will have to follow a different process. Alberto Patishtan remains in fasting and prayer demanding that he be liberated and his innocence recognized.

For More Information (In Spanish):

Obtienen su libertad cuatro personas presas, boletín, Frayba (24/02/2009)

Miguel Gómez Gómez demuestra su inocencia en juicio y obtiene su libertad, boletín, Frayba (18/02/2009)

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