Mexico: US approves another 300 million dollars for Mexico as part of the Merida Initiative

Source: Terra Actualidad
Source: Terra Actualidad

On March 11, the United States government approved another 300 million dollars for the Mexican government as part of the Merida Initiative, a program of military aid for the war on drugs. The Merida Initiative is an agreement between the US and Mexico with the objective of confronting the drug-trafficking in Mexico and consists of 1.4 billion dollars over a 3 year period. According to the press release by the Embassy of the United States in Mexico, “This renewed funding, when combined with the $400 million made available late last year, demonstrates the United States’ continued and serious commitment to its shared responsibility in working with Mexico to confront drug trafficking and organized crime.” The aid package of 300 million dollars for 2009 was lower than the amount promised by the US: 450 million dollars.

Nevertheless, various social and human rights organizations are concerned about the consequences of the militarization which accompanies the war on drugs. In addition others questioned the right of the United States to condemn Mexico when the US itself has not been capable of controlling the sale of high-powered firearms on the border of both countries. Additionally, according to the Archdioceses of Mexico, “they [the US] have not recognized the consumption of drugs in their own country, the largest market for narcotics”. The government of the United States is giving military aid to Mexico in order to fight the war on drugs, however it is not making an effort to reduce the demand for drugs which is fueling the conflict in Mexico, a conflict which left of death toll of 5,61 in 2008 alone.

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