Oaxaca: Amnesty International testifies about the abduction and torture of a member of the APPO


On March 4, Marcelino Coache Verano, member of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) was abducted in the city of Oaxaca and tortured for a number of hours according to an Urgent Action report (Index Number: AMR 41/014/2009) by Amnesty International released on March 9. The international organization expressed concern for the safety of Marcelino Coache, who was abducted by 3 men, tied up, blindfolded, and taken to an unknown location.

“The men punched and hit him repeatedly with the butt of a gun and burned him with cigarettes around his nipples and genitals. After a few hours, he heard one man enter the room who said “this is one of the rebels” (éste es uno de los revoltosos). In response another man said “then we’ll kill him” (entonces lo matamos) and cocked a gun. Marcelino Coache was then bundled into a vehicle and driven away. He was released in Zaachila municipality, about 30 km from Oaxaca City, at about 3.30 AM on 5 March. He managed to secure a lift from a taxi and was driven straight to hospital for medical attention”.

Two days later, Marcelino Coache held a press conference in order to denounce the incident. On March 11, dozens of members of section 22 of the National Syndicate of Educational Workers (SNTE) and member of the APPO marched in protest of the illegal detention and torture of Marcelino Coache Verano.

The other day precautionary measures were sought by the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (IACHR). It is not the first time that Marcelino Coache has suffered intimidation and physical aggression. At the beginning of the creation of the APPO in December of 2006, Marcelino Coache “was arrested along with other APPO leaders and accused of arson, sedition and resisting arrest. He was acquitted after spending more than six months in prison.”

For More Information:

Urgent Action: Mexico: Fear for safety: Marcelino Coache Verano (m), Amnesty International (3/9)

In Spanish:

Protestan decenas en Oaxaca contra la represión del appista Coache Verano, La Jornada (12/03/2009)

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