Chiapas: Hostilities against human rights defender of the MRPS-FNLS

On February 12, hostilities against Marcos López Pérez, a human rights defender of the Movement of Popular Resistance of the Southeast (MRPS-FNLS) and member of the Human Rights Commission of the National Front of the Fight for Socialism (FNLS), were made public.

The Facts:

On February 5, Marcos López Pérez visited the Center of Social Re-adaptation (Cereso) of the municipality of Ocosingo as part of the work that he does as a lawyer. That day, as part of his work, he met with the director of the prison Jorge Pedrero, who is also an ex-captain of the army. The director, in the middle of the meeting without warning, ordered the guards to physically remove López Pérez from the prison.

Marcos López Pérez decided to forget about the event, thinking nothing of it. Therefore, on March 3, he visited the prison again as part of his work. Upon entering the prison he noticed that the guards were all looking at him; while registering himself, the guards requested that he bring the original copy of his professional certificate and that he leave it with the guards, which is not common practice in the prison. He stated: “after I had spoken with my defendant I left the prison, it was when I was leaving the visiting room and entering the hallway that I found the guards all gathered together. I saw that while I was gathering my things they quickly closed the door and locked the exit. And they began to communicate by radio, from the inside more guards came out, there were about 8 guards and they surrounded me, blocked the door and wouldn’t let me leave. They handcuffed me… they wouldn’t let me leave and they were constantly threatening me”.

For More Information (In Spanish):

Hostilities against human rights defender,

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  1. I noticed that this is not the first time you write about the topic. Why have you decided to touch it again?

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