Chiapas: Communique from the Good Government Council of Morelia regarding the 8 detainees and the situation in the Zot’z Choj zone

On May 7, 2009, the Good Government Council “Corazón del arcoíris de la esperanza” of Caracol IV “Torbellino de nuestras palabras” of Morelia released a new communiqué demanding the immediate freedom of those detained in San Sebastian Bachajón, who are presently incarcerated in the CERSS No. 14 (El Amate), and they also denounced the “campaign of counterinsurgency” being carried out by the government of Sabines in a number of municipalities in the Zot’z Choj zone.

Regarding the detainees, they denounced: “By the incompetence of Juan Sabines and of his oppressors, they have unjustly tortured our comrades while the real criminals are free in their houses and we want to publically declare the incompetence of the repressive government. (…) In addition, we who work in the Good Government Council, humbly would like to show our capability to carry out real justice”. They stated that they had in custody two people who themselves denounced those who had hired them, “the real attackers”. They added that: “These people are the real criminals who had been attacking those on the highway between Ocosingo and Palenque, and that the police patrolling the highway have only obstructed justice, however they have succeeded in violating the rights of our comrades”

To Read the complete communique (In Spanish):

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