Oaxaca: MOCRI-CNPA-MN caravan attacked on its way to Mexico City

On June 5th, the caravan of the Regional Independent Campesino Movement—National Coordinator of the Plan of Ayala—National Movement (MOCRI-CNPA-MN) was attacked by men with firearms as they reached the state of Oaxaca. Three members of the caravan were injured by shots that were fired by the Municipal Police in Tuxtepec.

The caravan to Mexico City started on June 1st from various points in Chiapas to demand the release of 14 members of their organization who are currently imprisoned in Amate and Copainalá  (both of which are in Chiapas), and to call attention to the repression that MOCRI-CNPA-MN has received at the hands of government of Chiapas. When they arrived in Oaxaca, they began to march through Tuxtepec but were attacked soon after the march started by the Municipal Police and people dressed in civilian clothes. During the confrontation, Cristóbal Méndez López, Remigio Jiménez Morales, and Enrique López Hernández, all from different communities in Chiapas, were wounded. They were taken to “Dr. Victor Manuel Pitalua González” hospital in Cosamaloapan, Veracruz. The caravan has decided to withdraw from Oaxaca and continue their journey to the capital.

For more information, please visit:

Denuncia del MOCRI-CNPA-MN

Nota informativa del Centro de Derechos Humanos “Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas”

La Jornada: Policías de Tuxtepec balean a campesinos del Mocri que marchaban al DF; 3 heridos

La Jornada: Integrantes del Mocri acusan a alcalde de Tuxtepec de instrumentar agresión armada

Página web del MOCRI-CNPA-MN


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