Chiapas: Las Abejas announce the release of a paramilitary linked to the massacre of Acteal

In its monthly report, on the 22nd June, the Civil Society of Las Abejas announced that on the 6th June of this year, Lorenzo Perez Vasquez, a paramilitary from the community of La Esperanza, was released. Within their report, Las Abejas stated that all of the institutions linked to the administration of justice in Mexico, as well as all political agents, governors and the Mexican president will be held accountable for any act of crime committed against their lives. “Because instead of creating the necessary conditions for peace, they are causing situations that lead to massacre and violence in our region”, said the report.

Ahead of the awaited response of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice regarding the possible freedom of 14 members of the armed group, Red Mask, which operated in the area of Chenalho in 1997 (includes various members who been sentenced, accused of violent acts in the massacre of Acteal) members of Las Abejas took part in a Day of Hunger Strikes and Denouncement to demonstrate their indignation and inconformity.  They walked to the City of Mexico on the 10th June, with the aim of demanding that justice be granted, as well as to place pressure on governors not to liberate these individuals.

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