Chiapas: new harrassmants of a member of the civil organization Enlace, Comunicación y Capacitación, AC

The International Service for Peace (SIPAZ) would like to express its concern regarding acts that since November have threatened the physical security of Mr. Adolfo Guzmán Ordaz, member of Enlace Capacitación y Comunicación in Comitán, Chiapas, as well as that of his family. Enlace, Capacitación y Comunicación is a counterpart of SIPAZ and a member of the Peace Network in Chiapas. The series of acts of harassment that is here denounced seems to find its impetus in the marked tendency toward the criminalization of the work of human-rights defenders.

We invite you to answer to the most recent Urgent Action from Enlace, Capacitación y Comunicación and the Human Rights Center Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas (CDHFBC) that you can find below:

For more Information:

Urgent Action: The harassment of Adolfo Guzmán Ordaz, human-rights defender and member of the civil organization Enlace, Comunicación y Capacitación, AC, continues

More Information from SIPAZ:

Chiapas: Human Rights Defender Adolfo Guzmán Ordaz Receives Death Threats (December 12nd, 2009)

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