Guerrero: human-rights defenders are watched, threatened with death

On the 28th of December, the Center for Community Development (TADECO) publicly denounced death-threats that several of its members had received in previous days.  Many of the threats were communicated by means of a cell-phone stolen from one TADECO member.  Some of the received messages clearly indicate TADECO members to have been under surveillance:  “How easy it’d be for us to go to the Black-Pants and  Brown Sweater .  Would you mind?” Others pointed out…:  “Be careful, since one day they’ll also be searching for you.” These acts were denounced by both the Public Ministry and the Commission for Defense of Human Rights in Guerrero (Coddehum).

According to La Jornada of Guerrero, “Javier Monroy Hernández, coordinator for TADECO, indicated that TADECO members realize that their lives may be in jeopardy and hence, beyond legally denouncing these death-threats, requested the PGJE to immediately provide precautionary measures for members and supporters of the organization.” On this occasion several organizations from Guerrero expressed solidarity with TADECO members by once again denouncing both the violent environment and repeated human-rights violations that have been observed of late in the state of Guerrero.

As the TADECO communiqué explains, “As supporters of the Other Campaign, we are committed to non-violent social struggle and as such try to realize our principles through public service through our creation of a National Plan of Struggle, a new leftist anticapitalist and anti-neoliberal organization, and a new manner of doing politics from below and to the left, so as to effect a life of dignity and a new country, with bread, justice, work, and liberty.  In our view, it is precisely this that attracts the attention of bad government, caciques, and rich capitalists, who are bothered by our modest efforts which they see as jeopardizing their interests.  We are convinced that such forces support these death-threats.”

To read the denunciation in full (in Spanish):

The Center for Community Development (TADECO) denounces death-threats and intimidation directed at its members (Enlace Zapatista, 28/12/09)

For more information (in Spanish):

TADECO members experience intimidation by phone, denounce such (article, El Sur de Acapulco, 28/12/09)

Cell phone stolen from TADECO used to threaten members; act is denounced (article, El Sur de Acapulco, 29/12/09)

Organizations join together to oppose TADECO death-threats (article, La Jornada Guerrero, 30/12/09)

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