Chiapas: La Garrucha JBG’s communiqué on OPDDIC menace

In a communiqué released on 3 March, the Good-Government Council (JBG) Path of the Future of La Garrucha claimed that the Organization for the Defense of the Rights of Campesinos and the Indigenous (OPDDIC) threatened to violently attack the Zapatista communities Casa Blanca and Santo Domingo, both of which hold lands that pertain to this caracol.

The JBG claimed that “the government’s plans are clear:  to pay-off people to engage in activities that screw people who struggle against the system.  As the land has been retaken, they are dividing the people; the bad government granted land to those who hadn’t fought for it.”  The JBG promised to “defend our lands no matter the cost, regardless of what happens.”  The communiqué added that it was thus clear who would be responsible for acts to come.

For more information (in Spanish):

Complete communiqué of the La Garrucha JBG (3 March)

La Jornada:  OPDDIC threatens community with violent attack (5 March)

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