Chiapas: The Anniversary of Oscar Romero’s Death Commemorated by Las Abejas

On March 22, the monthly commemoration of the massacre at Acteal, the Abejas civil organization sent a public communiqué to the national and international press, the civil society, the Other Campaign, human rights defenders and social and political organizations in remembrance of the 30th anniversary of the murder of Salvadoran bishop Oscar Romero that took place on March 24, 1980.

Referring to Romero as a “revolutionary of God,” the Abejas considered him “an example of how to struggle, because he never kept quiet despite all of the violence and repression, and never worried about what would happen to him.” In linking Romero’s efforts for peace and justice 30 years ago to those of today, the Abejas emphasized that this struggle “has not ended and will not end, because the monster that fought against him continues to devour organized communities, because the beast that killed men and women in El Salvador is still alive and is still killing many people in this country and throughout the world and its name is Capitalism and Neoliberalism.” In their communiqué, the Abejas establish a parallel between military support that the US gave the Salvadoran government in the 1970’s and 80’s and the present relationship between the US and Mexican governments. The communiqué includes a section of the letter that Romero wrote to the then US president Jimmy Carter just over a month before he was murdered: “I have an obligation to see that faith and justice reign in my country, I ask you, if you truly want to defend human rights: to forbid that military aid be given to the Salvadoran government.”

The Abejas also warned that the campaign against suspected “organized crime” in Mexico may serve in the future as a pretext for the deployment of the US military in Mexican territory. They denounced that this campaign is “part of a counterinsurgency policy and [moves toward] the criminalization of [social] organizations and organized peoples that are struggling against the system.”

They conclude the communiqué reminding their readers that “the monster is big but it is not immortal.” In high spirits they ask, “are we not a great many, the men and women who want peace, justice and human dignity? (…) all men and women have the right to live freely and speaking of justice, it cannot be permitted that a few may make decisions for our lives.”

For more information (in English):

Complete communiqué of Las Abejas (22/3/2010)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Acteal: March of Las Abejas in observance of International Women’s Day (11/3/2010)

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