Guerrero: 2nd anniversary of the imprisonment of Raúl Hernández

On April 17, the Tlachinollan-Mountain Human Rights Center released a communiqué to mark the second anniversary of the detention of Raúl Hernández, human rights defender and member of the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous People (OPIM) who,  since his incarceration, has been recognized by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience.

Declaring that Hernández was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, the communiqué states that human-rights organizations marked the day by issuing statements in his support. The Mexico Office of the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights for the United Nations (OHCHR) also issued a press release that called on the Mexican government to observe “international human rights standards” in this case, as in others.

The communiqué states that the detention of Hernández represents part of a repression-policy directed at OPIM.  It also states that Dep. Filemón Navarro and Senator Lázaro Mazón of Guerrero would mark the anniversary by visiting Hernández and demanding his immediate release.

For more information (in Spanish):

Tlachinollan-Mountain Human Rights Center communiqué, 17 April

OHCHR press-release (17 April)

Amnesty International demands release of indigenous leader (La Jornada, 17 April)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Guerrero:  4 of the 5 jailed human rights defenders are freed (19 March 2009)

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