Chiapas: Communiqué of the Autonomous Women of the Coast of Chiapas

On 28 August, women from the Autonomous Council of the Coast of Chiapas released a communiqué in which they make public their denunciations of and demands on the government, and they demonstrate their will to continue struggling for respect.

From the government they demand “respect,” not “compassion”; that the practice of sending of soldiers to their zones be suspended; and that fair prices be established for food and electricity.  Furthermore, they call for the end to violence against members of the Autonomous Council of the Coast, as well as for all social activists, in addition to an end to arrest-order–“in particular, against comrade Nathaniel Hernández Núñez, member of the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Committee.”

The autonomous women conclude their communiqué affirming that “we will continue struggling so that the prices of basic products and services be regulated–the things we need to survive.  [We will continue struggling so that] they respect our decisions, listen to our demands, and stop imposing measures that impede our right to live with dignity.”

For more information:

Communiqué of the autonomous women of the coast of Chiapas in full


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