Guerrero: briefs – CETEG leader is detained; auctions to be held for La Parota: CFE

Following the protests of the State Coordination of Education Workers in Guerrero (CETEG) last week, agents of the Ministerial Police of the State (PME) of Guerrero detained Félix Moreno Peralta and Jorge García Hernández, two of the principal leaders of CETEG, on Sunday 24 October.  The two were accused of attacks on communication media.  The director of the PME, Fernando Monreal Leyva, said via telephone interview with La Jornada that the capture was made with an arrest order authorized by the primary judge from the judicial district of Tabares, from the port of Acapulco.  This would be the first arrest of 40 that are ordered against teachers accused of blocking the Sol highway and avenues in Chilpacingo, as well as for invading the government-palace of Chilpancingo to demand loans and work.

In an interview with the Sur de Acapulco, the CETEG spokesperson Ramón López expressed on behalf of CETEG his “rejection of this repression from the terror-government of the state; we see with sadness that they use these methods to stop mobilization.”  Protesting the detention of Félix Moreno and demanding his immediate release, the teachers of CETEG occupied educational installations in Chilapa, Tlapa, Acapulco, and Costa Chica, and they plan action against the harassment that the state government visits on social activists.   In a press-conference, leaders of civil and social organizations such as the Workshop for Communal Development (TADECO), miners of Taxco, the Guerrero Network of Civil Human-Rights Organizations, and CETEG, among others, reiterated their support for the arrested teacher-leader and denounced the repression suffered by social activists.

In other news, the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) has announced that in 2011 will be held auctions for the hydroelectric dam La Parota, located in Acapulco, a move that would imply the investment of nearly $900 million.  Alfredo Elías Ayub, director of CFE, assured that the project is a priority for the parastatal company, since it was integrated into the Budget of Costs of the Federation 2011; once it is approved definitively, the work of auctioning can begin.  Elías Ayub declared that “the approval [of the Congress of the Union] is there, but we have to have the people [ie, the ejidatarios] come to a position in which they clearly see the benefits [to such a project].”  For his part, Felipe Flores Hernández, spokesperson of the Council of Ejidos and Communities Opposed to La Parota (CECOP) announced that this organization will meet with members of the Commission of Energy of the House of Deputies and will request before the Congress of the Union that the budget requested by CFE not be approved.  Flores Hernández affirmed in a telephone interview with La Jornada that he is not surprised that the CFE has requested a budget to continue with the hydroelectric project.  He warned that, if the Congress of the Union does not attend to the application made by ejidatarios, they could radicalize their opposition to the dam, employing road-blocks to impede the movement of CFE personnel and vehicles.

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