Chiapas: “Las Abejas” present the event “Voices that sow the seeds of peace”

Las Abejas Press Conference (December 13st, @SIPAZ)

“In the Maya cosmology the number 13 means: The marriage of heaven and earth.
There are 13 levels to go to heaven
And with 13 candles pray the Elders
13 years of the Acteal Massacre
13 years of impunity … …

Our struggle is constant as the wind blows us life, and it continues daily such as the cycle of planting corn. “

During a press conference held in San Cristobal de Las Casas on December 13, “Las Abejas” invited to various activities to be performed in observance of the 13th anniversary of the massacre of Acteal. On December 16, there will be a cultural event in San Cristobal de las Casas with the presentation of the documentary “Acteal 10 years of impunity; how many more?” and a concert by the Choir of Acteal and the Rock group in Tzotzil Sak Tzevul. The Acteal Choir consists of 28 young people from different communities in the municipality of Chenalho. It was born in 1996 with the translation of the Bible into Tsotsil, and nowadays, in addition to religious music, it also sing about Las Abejas’ struggles, justice and peace.

On December 20, 21 and 22, activities are planned in Acteal. On Monday, December 20 cultural events will be held, including the presentation of the book Batik Tajimol ta! By Maruca Hernández and music of the choir with Sak Tzevul group.

On Tuesday 21, a Regional Meeting “Weaving the Resistance in favor of Autonomy and against Dependence and Counterinsurgency” will be held. Part of the goal is “to know one another and exchange experience and wisdom to continue building the autonomy of our people. To know that we are not alone, each organization walking side by side, we need to forge alliances between our peoples. “

December 22 will mark the anniversary of the Acteal Massacre (in which 45 Tsotsiles Indians were killed, mostly women and children) with a Mass at 10:00 am.

For more information (in Spanish):

Invitación al concierto 16 de diciembre

Conferencia de prensa 13 de diciembre de 2010 (video)

Invitación a los eventos en Acteal 20-22 de diciembre

Acteal 10 años de impunidad ¿y cuántos mas?

Sak Tzevul

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