Guerrero: Uncertainty over future of TADECO module at Chilpancingo Civic Square

On February 22nd, members of the Communitarian Development Workshop (TADECO), a civil organization from Chilpancingo, circulated an email in which they manifested that personnel from the municipal government handed them a document summoning them to “present” their materials sales permit in three days, or otherwise move out. TADECO has occupied a space by the Civic Square, called “Information, Culture and Denouncement Module”, to follow up reports of forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings, and as a means to collect resources for the struggle of the Committee of Relatives and Friends of the Kidnapped, Disappeared and Murdered in Guerrero. They promote critical information and alternative culture by selling audiovisual and printed materials.

In a press release, the members of TADECO demand respect for the right to protest and manifest their position against the privatization of the Civic Square: “[…] The […] Civic Square is a space for demands, for protest, for social and popular struggle, where indigenous peoples, students, women, peasants and workers from the whole state, come from distant places and territories where they live with the goal of seeing their claims transcend to the state, national and international levels, and be resolved. Its condition is that of a symbiotic space that gives meaning to the rallies, manifestations, cries for independence, and the May, September and November parades; where the collection and the hunger strikes take place, and where the information and denouncement module operates. It’s about a special public space that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the city, one with public order and a popular presence so defined and developed. However, in these times of neoliberalism, privatization of the federal, state and municipal public management has also come to our real historic center (not the formal one decreed by the municipality) to side with the great capital and the multinational corporations in the largest and most important public space of our city. With the arrival of the national and international private sector with their Oxxos, McDonalds, Liverpoles and the like, there is also a tendency for change”.

The members of TADECO have decided to comply with the petition from the municipality on Thursday, February 24th, to stake their claims for the political struggle in which they’re engaged, and to demand respect for their right to protest and demands for justice. They’re also inviting to a press conference on the same day, Thursday February 24th at 11:00 am at the aforementioned Module to introduce to the public attention their position on this situation.

For more information:

TADECO Manifest(La Nueva República, February 23rd)

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