Guerrero – briefs: Prodh Center sends Amicus Curiae in the case of Radio Ñomndaa; Union of Peoples and Social Organizations mobilizes to demand preferential rates for electricity; “1,289 murders, 289 disappeared and 25 kidknapped in 4 years”: TADECO

On March 15, the Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Center for Human Rights (Centro Prodh) presented an amicus curiae to the High Court of Justice of the state of Guerrero to provide elements to the case of David Valtierra Arango, Genaro Cruz Apóstol y Silverio Matías Domínguez, members of the Committee of Radio Ñomndaa in Xochistlahuaca. Through the amicus curiae, they expressed concerns that called attention to relevant aspects for consideration in the case. The amicus curiae makes a “strong appeal to the Judiciary of the State of Guerrero to be a guarantor of justice.” Also mentioning that “[t]he reasoning of the Judge of the First Instance showed profound lack of consideration for cultural and ethnic diversity, which are  recognized in the Constitution” and that “taking a determination of the Amuzgo regulatory system to the field of criminal law, reflects a lack of recognition for the self-determination of indigenous peoples and their authorities”.

Additionally, the Union of Peoples and Social Organizations of the Montaña, Costa Chica and Central regions of the state of Guerrero, will mobilize on March 21, to demand the application of preferential rates on lighting, in Guerrero, from the Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE). Leaders of the group reported that its motion is seeking that federal and local deputies undertake a bill for the application of the preferential rates, which would take into account socio-economic factors in stead of climatological ones, as has happened in states such as Chiapas and Tabasco.

Lastly, during the Fifth Day for Life, Liberty, Justice and Citizen Rights, on Monday, March 14, the director of the Workshop of Community Development (TADECO), Javier Monroy, denounced that in the last four years, the TADECO and the Committee of Family and Friends of the Kidknapped, Disappeared and Murdered in Guerrero, registered “1,289 murders, 289 disappeared and 25 kidknapped” with no connection to organized crime. The event was held on the fourth anniversary of the disappearance of Jorge Gabriel Cerón Silva, leader of TADECO.

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