Mexico: National March “We are fed up”


On 6 April were carried out in more than 20 Mexican cities as well as elsewhere in the world mobilizations against violence and in favor of peace and justice in Mexico.  In Mexico City it is mentioned that some 20,000 persons marched.  The mobilizations were called for following the discovery on 28 March of the corpses of 5 youth, an ex-military, and an adult women, all with signs of torture, who were found in a vehicle on the outskirts of Cuernavaca.

One of the victims was Juan Francisco Sicilia, a 24-year old and son of journalist and poet Javier Sicilia, columnist for La Jornada y Proceso.  Sicilia was one of those who called for these mobilizations, which were supported by many social networks, activists, civil organizations, and universities.

“We are fed up with you politicians […] because in your struggle for power you have destroyed the social fabric of the nation,” wrote Sicilia in a public letter distributed on Monday that refers to the wave of violence linked to organized crime, which has been found to have been responsible for more than 35,000 deaths in four years.

For more information (in Spanish):

Estamos hasta la madre...(Carta abierta a los políticos y a los criminales), Javier Sicilia, Proceso 3 April 2011

“Estamos hasta la madre”, El economista 6 April 2011

México: una democracia vacía, Alberto Aziz Nassif, El Universal 5 April 2011

El estamos hasta la madre se propaga en Argentina y España, La Jornada 7 April 2011

“Hay que devolverle dignidad a esta Nación”; Nos sumamos a la “Marcha Nacional” convocada por las redes ciudadanas, CDHFBDC, 6 April 2011

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