Chiapas: Communiqué by the EZLN: For reflective criticism, individuals and collectives


On 12 April was released the second part of a correspondence between Subcomandante Marcos and philosopher Luis Villoro.  In this latest part, Marcos reflects critically on the violence lived in the country, beginning by recognizing the poet Javier Sicilia and the struggle he is engaged in since the killing of his son Juan Francisco: “the pain and rage of Javier Sicilia (physically far away but close in ideals for some time) make echoes that reverberate in our mountains.  It is to be hoped that his legendary tenacity, as now called for by our word and actions, succeeds in bringing together the rages and pains that are being multiplied in Mexican lands.”

Beyond the reflection on the national context, Marcos also criticizes the state government of Juan José Sabines Guerrero, which “persecutes and represses those who do not conform to the false chorus that lauds his lies-made-government, which persecutes human-rights defenders in the Coast and the Highlands of Chiapas and the indigenous of San Sebastián Bachajón who refuse to prostitute their lands and encourages the actions of paramilitary groups against Zapatista indigenous communities.”

In the postscript Marcos writes on the death of Felipe Toussaint, coordinator of the Commission to Support Communal Unity and Reconciliation (CORECO): “once again death has arrived with its unforeseen pass to a comrade.  Felipe Toussaint Loera, a Christian who believes in the necessity of terrestrial justice….  I remember him in one of the preparatory meetings of the Other Campaign in 2005, when he attempted to inscribe his individual history in the history of a collective that is reborn once and again.  We salute his life, because in it, to the questions ‘where to?’ ‘with whom?’ and ‘against what?’ Felipe responded: ‘below, with the indigenous who struggle against the system that exploits them, loots them, represses them, and disregards them.”

For more information (in Spanish):

DE LA REFLEXIÓN CRÍTICA, INDIVIDU@S Y COLECTIV@S. (Carta Segunda a Luis Villoro en el Intercambio Epistolar sobre Ética y Política), Enlace Zapatista, 11 April 2011

Reconoce ‘subcomandante Marcos’ lucha de Sicilia, La Jornada, 12 April 2011

Comunicado completo: SOBRE LAS GUERRAS. Fragmento de la carta primera del SCI Marcos a Don Luis Villoro, inicio del intercambio epistolar sobre Ética y Política. Enero-Febrero de 2011

EZLN: la guerra de Calderón dejará miles de muertos y jugosas ganancias económicas (La Jornada, 15 February 2011)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

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Chiapas: new communiqué by the EZLN “On the wars” (20 February 2011)

Chiapas: The EZLN laments the death of Don Samuel (31 January 2011)

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