Chiapas: the La Garrucha JBG denounces governmental pressure against Zapatista support-bases in Cintalapa

In a communiqué published on 9 April 2011, the “Camino del futuro” Good-Government Council (JBG) of the Zapatista caracol of La Garrucha denounced the attempt to loot the lands and ejidal rights of the Zapatista support-bases of Cintalapa, municipality of Ocosingo, if they do not renounce resistance.  It noets that “In mid-March, the PRI and PAN authorities demanded that the Zapatista support-bases present a copy of their electoral-card to request a project, pay land-taxes, and obtain an agrarian certificate.”  The JBG claims that the ejidal authorities of Cintalapa sought to force them to sign an accord with a content that contradicts autonomy and resistance.  The communiqué concludes that “We Zapatistas maintain our firmness in dignity and resistance, and we will defend our comrades even if the bad government attempts to destroy it with frauds and handouts.  We will not give up, we will no sell ourselves or abandon our project.  We are here and will continue here.  We will not allow these PRI members to harass our comrades in resistance.  We will defend their right because we know well that this is a governmental plan.  We will not pay land-taxes nor electricity tariffs; we will give nothing to the bad government because we receive nothing.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Comunicado completo (Enlace Zapatista, 9 April 2011)

Denuncia JBG presión del gobierno contra bases zapatistas de Cintalapa (La Jornada, 11 April 2011)

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