Chiapas: Oventic JBG requests aid for supports bases in Citalá

In a 21 April communiqué, the Good Government Council (JBG) Corazón Céntrico de los Zapatistas Delante del Mundo of Oventic requested economic assistance for female support bases fromt he community of Pikote’, official municipality of Citalá.  The JBG explained that on the night of 18 April, “three of our comrade EZLN support-bases suffered a disgrace: there was a fire in their homes which destroyed much.  Three livelihoods were burned in the fire, one being their houses which were also used as autonomous health clinics.  Everything was burned, including medicine and equipment to vaccinate.”

The JBG detailed the following: “We Zapatistas know that in our state and our country there are sincere and honest people who understand the just cause of our Zapatista struggle who can help us.  Though we encounter many obstacles, we Zapatistas will continue forging ahead with our Zapatista struggle and construct our autonomy.  The organizations that can assist are invited to present themselves in the office of this [JBG] in the Highlands of Chiapas.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Comunicado completo (JBG de Oventic, 21 April 2011)

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