Guerrero: Briefs – failure of Mexican State in the Radilla case; reopening of the Tlachinollan Center in Ayutla; disappearance of a journalist in Acapulco; state government on mineral exploitation

 The Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR) has chastised the Mexican State for its failure to observe the sentence it released a year and a half ago regarding the forced disappearance of Rosendo Radilla, which occurred in 1974 at the hands of the Army in Atoyac de Álvarez, Costa Grande of Guerrero, in the context of the “dirty war.”  It demanded a greater commitment to observe its task of investigating the whereabouts of the activist, conduct efficient investigations aimed at judging and sanctioning the civilian and military authorities responsible for the disappearance, restricting the use of military courts, as well as organizing a public event in which the government offers a public apology for the damage caused and to pay compensation to the victim’s relatives.  The Court reiterated that the initiative of the federal government to reform Article 27 of the Code of Military Justice has been insufficient, given that under no circumstances should military jurisdiction be had when it comes to the investigation of human-rights violations.  The Court determined that the State should release a new report on the state of observation of the sentence for 29 August 2011.

In other news, during the act of the reopening of the office of the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights in Ayutla de Los Libres, different organizations from the state Guerrero, national and international human-rights organizations, as well as representatives of different embassies demonstrated their support for the work of the defense and promotion of human rights that the Center will continue to carry out in the region of the Costa Chica of Guerrero.  The Tlachinollan Center stated that it had decided to reopen its office so as to continue defending and promoting human rights in the region “despite the fact that the situation of risk has not been overcome and that the security of rights-workers in Guerrero has not been guaranteed, in light of the need to continue accompanying the communities and persons of this region who seek to make real their rights.”
Since 13 June, journalists of different media have been protesting in different parts of Acapulco to demand that the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) accelerate its investigation into the disappearance of journalist Marco Antonio López Ortiz, from Novedades de Acapulco, who was taken on 7 June.  It should be remembered that Guerrero has become one of the most dangerous states for the exercise of freedom of experssion.  In 2009 were registered the murders of two journalists, with three more in 2010.  In 2010 also occurred the attack against offices of the newspaper El Sur de Guerrero, whose personnel continues receiving death-threats to this day.  All these cases continue to be in impunity.

Finally, on 15 June, Enrique José Castro Soto, secretary for Economic Development, assured that the state government supports the investment in the mining sector of Guerrero and even reported that it had met with interested firms.  He affirmed also that the government would prioritize the interests of landowners in the regions of Costa Chica and La Montaña, where many have expressed their opposition to said investment due to the damages to human health and the environment caused by such.  He confirmed that the federal government has awarded 24 mining concessions to Canadian and British firms to exploit gold, copper, and zinc resources in the state, as has been denounced by the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities (CRAC).

For more information (in Spanish)

– México incumple sentencia: CoIDH (El Universal, 13 June 2011)

– Busca Calderón que la desaparición prescriba a los 35 años; no cumple sentencia de la Coidh (El Sur de Acapulco, 3 June 2011)

– Respaldan OSC nacionales e internacionales la labor del CDHM Tlachinollan durante la reapertura en Ayutla (boletín de prensa de OSC nacionales e internacionales, 17 June 2011)

– Comunicado de prensa de la Unión Europea en el marco de la reapertura de la oficina de Tlachinollan en Ayutla (16 June 2011)

– En Acapulco piden localizar a periodista (La Jornada, 16 June 2011)

El estado apoya la inversión minera, pero dará prioridad a los ejidatarios: Sedeco (La Jornada de Guerrero, 16 June 2011)

Empresas mineras, una amenaza para pueblos indígenas: CRAC (La Jornada de Guerrero, 8 June 2011)

Avala el gobierno de Aguirre a las mineras (El Sur de Acapulco, 17 June 2011)

Para más información de SIPAZ:

Guerrero: Call for the reopening of the Tlachinollan Center for Human Rights in Ayutla de Los Libres (21 June 2011)

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