Guerrero: New detention of OPIM member for same case as Raúl Hernández; Lucio Cabañas’ widow and her sister are murdered

Rafael Rodríguez Dircio (@Tlachinollan)

On 29 June, Rafael Rodríguez Dircio, member of the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous Peoples (OPIM) and recipient of precautionary measures as recommended by the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR), was detained at a checkpoint by units of the Ministerial Investigational police (PIM) and taken to the prison of Ayutla de Los Libres.  He faces the same charge for which were detained in April 2008 five members of OPIM, among them Raúl Hernández Abundio, prisoner of conscience defended by Amnesty International who was deprived of liberty until August 2010.  Another five members of OPIM were awarded an injunction blocking their arrest-orders in 2009 in the same case.  The Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights stresses that “the accusation today faced by Rafael Rodríguez Dircio is based in evidence that has been considered illegal and inconsistent in at least ten other cases,” adding that “the case of [Dircio] is a test for the new government of Guerrero with regard to the work carried out by defenders of human rights.  If the accusation originated with the previous administration, it will be the authorities of the government of Ángel Aguirre Rivero and the new Superior Tribunal of Justice that will presently decide to release or maintain detained the Me’phaa defender.  In this sense, the resolution of the juridical situation constitutes a test by which to measure whether during the six-year term that has just begun will continue with the criminalization of rights-denfeders and social activists as carried out by the previous administration.”

In other news, on 3 July, Isabel Ayala Nava, widow of the guerrilla ex-commander Lucio Cabañas Barrientos, 54 years of age, was murdered by gunfire along with her sister Reyna Ayala Nava (58 years old) by unknown subjects from a car in movement as they were leaving a church in Xaltianguis, municipality of Acapulco.  Some hours later, Micaela Cabañas Ayala, daughter of Isabel and member of Nacidos en la Tempestad AC, received a death-threat against her person from the cellular number of her mother.  Relatives, leaders of social organizations, and civil organizations have condemned these murders and have demanded that the Guerrero state-government clarify them immediately.

Isabel Ayala Nava pertained to the Partido de los Pobres (PdlP, or Party of the Poor), an insurgent Mexican organization born at the beginning of the 1970s, and had been subjected to torture and other cruel treatment.  In the last three years she had participated in activities organized by the groups United Left of the South and the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Guerrero.  In the first months of 2011 two brothers of Isabel and Reyna were murdered.  Upon demanding that the crimes be clarified, the family began to receive anonymous death-threats.

For more information (in Spanish):

Fue detenido en Ayutla el defensor indígena Rafael Rodríguez Dircio, integrante de la OPIM (Boletín de prensa del Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Montaña Tlachinollan, 2 July 2011)

Denuncia ONG detención de defensor indígena Rafael Rodríguez (La Jornada, 4 July)

Amnistía exige juicio justo a un indígena de Guerrero acusado de asesinato (CNN México, 5 July)

Juez de Ayutla resolverá el martes 5 de julio si el defensor me’phaa Rafael Rodríguez Dircio recupera su libertad o continúa en prisión(Boletín de prensa del Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Montaña Tlachinollan, 5 July 2011)

Matan a viuda de Lucio Cabañas (El Universal, 3 July)

Organización “Nacidos en la Tempestad AC” exige justicia en el asesinato de activistas políticas (4 July 2011)

Exigen esclarecer homicidio de viuda de Lucio Cabañas (Proceso, 4 July 2011)

ONG exigen esclarecer crimen de Isabel Ayala (El Universal, 4 July)

Hija de Lucio Cabañas exige justicia por asesinato de su madre(Milenio, 4 July)

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