Chiapas: Electricity-cut to 10 families that belong to the Las Abejas Civil Society. Tension in community

On 8 July, the Las Abejas Civil Society denounced in a communiqué that two days earlier, the Federal Commission on Electricity (CFE) arrived to the community Nuevo Yibeljoj, Chenalhó, to cut the light to 10 families belonging to the organization who have been in resistance to the paying of electricity-prices for several years.  In the same document, Las Abejas indicate that this action was carried out “in accordance with the owners of electricity in Nuevo yibeljoj, who call themselves ‘Las Abejas, A.C.,’ which in the year 2008 separated itself and left the path of struggle for justice in the Acteal massacre and of resistance in light of the neoliberal projects of hte bad government.  We see that this is part of the counter-insurgency war that is not lived just here in our lands.  The government of Juan Sabines and Felipe Calderón is increasingly worsening the situation to make difficult the construction of our autonomy and of peace with justice and dignity as originary peoples.”

Members of the ownership of electricity in Nuevo Yibeljoj express in a 10 July declaration for their part that there exists an agreement to “continue paying for the services in accordance with electrical consumption.  For this reason we have a commitment with our comrades in Santo Ch’en, neighbors of the community, to continue demanding that the CFE change all the wooden [electricity] posts.  We now have an advance of 50%.”  They affirmed that in a meeting held on 10 July, there was defined that which all members of the community must pay and that “absolutely no one will be able to violate the internal rules.”  Absent from the meeting were the 10 families from Las Abejas, with whom no agreement was reached.

For more information (in Spanish):

Para más información de SIPAZ:

Chiapas: Communiqué by Las Abejas Civil Society distances itself from Las Abejas Chiapas (4 May 2011)


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