Chiapas abolishes criminal preventive detention (arraigo) due to its violation of guarantees

Pitiquito (@SIPAZ)

On 25 July, the state Congress of Chiapas declared it had done with away with the practice of criminal preventive detention (arraigo), a precautionary measure on the part of the penal system, following the ratification by 78 municipalities of the reform-initiative to the state Constitution.  Chiapas thus is the first state to so do; the practice of community control has been strongly questioned by the United Nations, researchers, and human-rights defenders.

The Chiapas state-government promoted these modifications, closing the two centers found in the state used for this reason: one in Chiapa de Corzo (Pitiquito) and another in Tapachula.

For more information (in Spanish):

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En Chiapas, ni un solo arraigado (La Jornada, 22 July)

Congreso de Chiapas analiza eliminar el arraigo (El Universal, 19 July)

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