Chiapas: La Realidad Good-Government Council denounces provocations

On 2 August, the Zapatista Good-Government Council (JBG) Hacia la Esperanza found in Caracol I Madre de los Caracoles, Mar de Nuestros Sueños in La Realidad, frontier jungle zone, publicly denounced provocations and attacks on the part of officialist authorities.  The JBG mentions that these originate from the “authorities and ejido of Monte Redondo and the political parties PAN, PRD, PRI, and Green Ecologists located in the official municipality of Frontera Comalapa, Chiapas, in the terrain of our comrade support-bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation from the autonomous municipality of Tierra y Libertad.”

The communiqué mentions that “on 27 July 2011 at 6am approximately 200 persons from different political parties including authorities from Monte Redondo entered the lands of our support-base comrades intending to chop down coffee plants, ones that were already giving fruit […].  These actions are impelled by the authorities and the persons who support them in the ejido” that the JBG claims to be party-members of PRD, PAN, PRI, and Green Ecologists.  It continues by mentioning that “we know very well that these provocations are the plans of the bad government and we declare Juan Sabines Guerrero responsible for that which is happening, since he tricks and manipulates people with his lying policies when his actions are total obscenities.  It is clearly seen that he is in agreement, the actor, and complicit in these actions.”

The JBG emphasizes that “we will not tolerate more provocative actions and much less that they will displace us; we will defend our lands regardless of the cost.  It is our mother and we will fight for it, given that by rights it corresponds to our comrades.  Do not think that they are merely provoking these comrades; they are instead provoking all of us as Zapatistas.  They are not alone; they know that well.  We demand justice and we request that the authorities and the Monte Redonde ejido allow our comrades to work in peace and to be respected so that they can use their lands that corresponds to them by right.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Provocaciones y perjuicios de los partidos PRI, PAN, PRD y Verde ecologista contra zapatistas, denuncia la Junta de Buen Gobierno de la Realidad. (Enlace Zapatista, 2 August)

Junta de Buen Gobierno (La Jornada, 4 August)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Chiapas: The La Realidad JBG denounces aggressions in Monte Redondo (25 April)

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