Oaxaca: New wave of violence in the Triqui region


On 5 August, three Triqui indigenous members of the Movement for Triqui Unification and Struggle-Independent (MULT-I) were ambushed and murdered by gunshots at the crossroads that lead to the communities of Agua Fri and San Pedro Chayuco.  MULT’-I attributed the triple homicide to the Movement for Triqui Unification and Struggle (MULT) and the Union for Social Welfare in the Triqui Region (Ubisort), which are respectively linked to the Popular Unity Party (a state party) and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).  MULT, MULTI, and Ubisort have had disputes over control of the area, leaving at least 500 dead within the past three decades.

The corpses of Álvaro Jacinto Cruz, Francisco Ramírez Merino, and José Luis Ramírez, from Agua Fría Copala, were taken to the Palace of Government of Oaxaca to protest the violence that grips the region.  Reina Martínez Flores, leader of the dipslaced Triquis who find themselves at a sit-in at the Palace, requested that Governor Gabino Cué punish the murderers of the three Triquis and that he stop the violence so that the displaced can return to their community.  She asked, “How many more brothers should die so that the government acts?”

At the end of the protest, once the protestors had taken the bodies to a truck so as to leave to bury them in their place of origin, there occurred an altercation with state police who attempted to close the area so that health personnel sanitize it.  Reina Martínez Flores denounced that before the police intervention state functionaries had already threatened to remove them, arguing that the corpses could propagate some sort of disease.  The secretary of Public Security, Marco Tulio López Escamilla, rejected the idea that there was an attempt to exacerbate the pain suffered by MULT-I, insisting instead that the Health Secretary personnel had concluded that the state of the dead was a bad one, and that others took advantage of this situation so as to generate confrontation.

For more information (in Spanish):

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Gabino Cué manda a golpear a las mujeres desplazadas de San Juan Copala (Comunicado del Municipio Autónomo de San Juan Copala, 8 August)

Se deslinda MULT de balacera en Copala (NSS, Oaxaca, 7 August)

Triquis velan a sus muertos en Palacio de Gobierno (El Universal, 7 August)

Comunicado del Municipio Autónomo de San Juan Copala sobre la masacre del MULT-PUP en Agua Fría Copala (6 August)

Asesinan a tres indígenas Triquis en Oaxaca (El Universal, 5 August)

Comando ataca a indígenas triquis; mueren tres (Proceso, 5 August)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Oaxaca: Heriberto Pazos Ortiz, leader and founder of MULT, is killed (26 October)

Oaxaca: the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala is dismantled (30 September 2010)

Oaxaca: new ambush in Triqui region against individuals who had been granted precautionary measures by the IACHR (20 October)

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