The OMCT condemns torture in Chiapas

Press-conference on 2 August (@CDHFBC)

The International Secretariat of the World Organization against Torture has published an Urgent Action regarding information provided by the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Center for Human Rights (CDHFBC), a member organization of the SOS Torture-Network of the OMCT, which manifests its concern for the risk to the liberty, security, and personal integrity of relatives of David Potencianco Torres, a youth of 21 years of age who has been subjected to torture.  Torres presently finds himself in the State Center for the Social Reinsertion of the Sentenced No. 14 in Cintalapa.

According to the information provided by the CDHFBC, David Potenciano was detained on 25 May, with no presentation of any arrest-order, in Palenque by ministerial police (PM) and members of the Special Prosecutorial Office against Organized Crime (FECDO) of the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) that harassed his home.  Afterward, he was transferred to the installations of the State Preventive Police (PEP), where he was blindfolded, bound, and forced to have water introduced to his body nasally, while he was accused of being a member of the criminal group los Zetas, in addition to having participated in a murder.  After being beaten on the head, he was forced to sign documents whose contents he could not read.  Even now he still is being held despite the fact that the second judge of the District in the state of Chiapas ordered his release and federal protection due to the lack of evidence–this on 24 June 2011.

His relatives have been denouncing the human-rights violations he faces, a situation for which he has received death-threats and harassment.  They have also demonstrated his innocence by means of legal proceedings.  Furthermore they have manifested their fear of being themselves detained, as a form of intimidation in response to their acting to defend David legally, as well as to their accessing of human-rights organizations to denounce the arbitrary detention and torture.

The International Secretariat of the OMCT condemned the human-rights violations here denounced, particularly the lack of respect for due process and the right to be presumed innocent.  It has also declared its concern for the security and physical and psychological integrity of both Torres and his family-members.

For more information (in Spanish):

Hostigamiento a la familia de David Potenciano Torres, sobreviviente de tortura (Acción Urgente del Centro de DDHH Fray Bartolome de las Casas, 2 August 2011)

OMCT se pronuncia contra la tortura en Chiapas  (Sistema Integral de Información en Derechos Humanos Centro ProDH, 9 August 2011)

Familiares de David Potenciano Torres denuncian tortura por parte de “Autoridades”  (Denuncia pública, CDHFBC, 2 August 2011)

Ausencia de garantías judiciales/ Hostigamiento/ Amenazas/Riesgo de juicio injusto/ Temor por seguridad y por integridad personal  (Acción Urgente de la OMCT, 6 August 2011)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

ACAT-France concludes its visit to the country: “Torture persists in Mexico” (25 July)

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