Guerrero – briefs: Conflict continues in the Sierra de Petatlán; displaced in the sierra de Coyuca de Catalán return to La Laguna; pressure to retire the Communal Police from several communities

Javier Torres Cruz @ Viento de Libertad

On 27 July, the youth Natalia Ruiz Martínez, who has found the Torres family from the community of La Morena in the Sierra de Petatlán responsible for the murder of her brother, Zenaido Ruiz Martínez, has reported that two armed persons entered her house in Zihuatanejo, breaking the door so as to enter.  They threatened Natalia and her two children with death and pressured her to declare that her denunciation against the Torres family was false and that she instead say that those who killed her brother are the members of the Organization of Ecologist Campesinos in the Sierra de Petatlán and Coyuca de Catalán (OCESP), Servando Bautista, Jesús Bautista, and Hilario Espinoza.

The governor of the state, in accordance with an investigation being held to determine the causes that drive the violence in this zone, reports that it could be that a conflict of consideration dimensions take place in said region due to the confrontation among these groups.  The coordination of the OCESP for its part said that the problem of the Sierra de Petatlán is not a dispute among groups of organized crime, but rather that they are murders and death-threats against the civil population, in light of which governmental authorities do nothing.  It added that it is this type of impunity which has provoked the exodus that is seen in these days.

In other news, the 177 displaced individuals from La Laguna who find themselves taking refuge in Puerto de Las Ollas, Sierra de Coyuca de Catalán, have decided to return to their lands, and they ask that the state government provide protective measures for the return journey.  It is known that on 27 July there was an interview held with the Secretary General of government and with the Secretary of Public Security and Protection, from whom representatives of the displaced requested that the police protection they currently have in Puerto de Las Ollas also be had in La Laguna, Hacienda de Dolores, and Los Huajes de Ayala, communities to which the displaced pertained before the murder of three youth on 17 April.

Lastly, the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities (CRAC-Communal Police) has reported that citizens of the municipality of Marquelia have pressured mayor Jesús Rico Santana to retire the communal police who are providing their services in several communities of this municipality by 30 July.  The CRAC notes in a communiqué: “Our Communal Police is of the people and for the people.  The only commands our communal institution take are made in the assembly of each community, which decides and names its group of security, in such a way that only the communities decide whether to receive the services of the institution.”

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