Chiapas: Rosario Díaz, imprisoned for 6 years, and denunciation by Voz del Amate

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Rosario Díaz Méndez, prisoner in the No. 5 Prison of San Cristóbal de Las Casas in the state of Chiapas, denounced on 29 August the sixth anniversary of his detention, during which he “suffered torture, death-threats, plastic bags on my face,” he indicated in a communiqué.

Rosario Díaz, member of those in solidarity with la Voz del Amate, continued his public denunciation saying that “the proper authorities fabricated the crimes of kidnapping and homicide that I did not commit.  Some days later I requested to see the family of the supposed victim, and they said I was not guilty of these crimes, requesting my release.  Sadly, the judge omitted these declarations, and today I complete 6 years of being in this prison for a crime I did not commit.”

Rosa López Díaz, also in solidarity with la Voz del Amate, denounced on 2 September the lamentable state of medical attention in the No. 5 prison in which she finds herself; she speaks of how this aggravates the ailment of the prisoners.  In a public denunciation she declares that “in the penitentiary centers of the state of Chiapas, the violation of human rights, medical negligence, lack of treatment are continuous, with the result that our diseases go on worsening due to lack of attention.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Denuncia de Rosario Díaz Méndez, preso político de la Voz del Amate, Chiapas, Enlace Zapatista, 29 August 2011

Presa solidaria de la voz del Amate, exige atención médica, Enlace Zapatista, 2 September 2011

Denuncia de la Voz del Amate Rosario Díaz Méndez, Chiapas Denuncia Pública, 29 August 2011

Termina jornada de ayuno y oración del profesor Patishtán en El Amate, La Jornada, 28 February 2009

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Chiapas: Fifth anniversary of the “Voz de Amate” (8 January 2011)

– Chiapas: the case of Alberto Patishtán Gómez presented before the IACHR, and denunciation by la Voz de Amate (10 August 2010)

– Chiapas: visit to observe 2011 call for “jTatic Samuel jCanan Lum” Honor denied (30 July 2010)

Chiapas: prisoner Alberto Patishtán Gómez’s latest communiqué and its coverage by La Jornada (19 July 2010)

Chiapas: medical neglect in the case of Alberto Patishtán (25 March 2010)


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