Mexico: Letter by Sicilia in response to Subcomandante Marcos

Javier Sicilia @

In response to references made in the third letter between Luis Villoro and Subcomandante Marcos “in the exchange on Ethics and Politics,” the poet Javier Sicilia declared to the insurgent Subcomandante that “peace, beloved Subcomandante, is, as Gandhi said, ‘the way,’ a path it is only made with everyone.  You, for 17 years, with civil society at your side, have shown us not only to visibilize and dignify the negated and humiliated past of our indigenous tradition, but also when, beginning from the listening and dialogue, you opened the debate of what, amidst the crisis of institutions, could be a new hope for reconstruction of the nation: autonomies.”

The missive is principally one of gratitude for the affirmations made by Marcos regarding the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity led by Sicilia.  “…this is a new mobilization that, in its project of constituting itself as an organized movement, goes constructing its own path, with successes and failures.  Like all new things, we believe it merits respect.  They can say with reason that the forms and methods can be questioned, but not the causes.”  The Subcomandante speaks in the second person plural as spokesperson of the EZLN regarding the visibilization of the victims carried out by the Movement:  “We thought that it was possible to build a movement to arrest this absurd war.  It does not seem that this is so (at least not yet).  But what can be appreciated is that the victims have been made tangible.  They have been taken out of statistics and the mythical ‘triumphs’ of the government of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, out of blame and forgetting.  Thanks to this mobilization, the victims begin to have name and histroy.  And the hoax of the ‘struggle against organized crime’ falls to pieces.”

Marcos’ words also have a critical tone regarding the dialogue between the Movement and the government: “Surely we still do not understand why so much energy and effort is dedicated to discussion with a political class that for much time now has lost all will to govern and that is nothing more than a gang of criminals.  Perhaps they will go on discovering it themselves.  We do not judge and do not condemn or absolve.  We attempt to understand the path and the wishes that animate.”

Sicilia closes his letter of thanks making reference to the next Caravan to the South: “We will see each other in the south, my dear Subcomandante.  While we arrive with the slowness of walking and pain, we send to you and the comrades a big kiss, a kiss with which our heart does not cease to embrace us.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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