Chiapas: Las Abejas of Acteal distance themselves from demand against ex-president Zedillo

Regarding the legal demand recently presented before a court in the United States against ex-president Ernesto Zedillo for the Acteal massacre, Las Abejas note that they had nothing to do with it, as it “does not correspond to the form of acting among survivors and their organizations.”  Thus they put it in a communiqué made public during a monthly commemoration of the massacre on 22 September.

They affirmed that the only legal representative in the case is the Fray Bartolomé de Las Cas Center for Human Rights A.C.  “We have taken the Acteal case before the corresponding legal institutions in our country, and once these institutions failed to live out their obligation to do justice, we took the case to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).”  They noted that “in contrast to the demand presented by some unknown persons in a US court, our demand is centered not around money but rather around demanding justice and putting an end to impunity.  Furthermore, also in contrast to this demand, we Abejas have never acted anonymously.”

They detailed that “there exist strong elements to suppose that the memory of the Acteal martyrs is being manipulated toward electoral-political and also economic ends that are totally foreign to our organization […].  The team of lawyers of the US that according to the news is presenting this civil demand against Zedillo is not a human-rights organization but rather an office that is accustomed to defending bankers and large corporations (as can be seen in its Internet page).  It is evident that neither Las Abejas nor any other Tzotzil indigenous person has the money to pay the enormous costs that such legal defense would imply.”

They argued in any case that “despite the aforementioned it is positive that Ernesto Zedillo and his accomplices be judged in a tribunal for their crimes against humanity as committed in Acteal.  The truth and justice must come to light sooner or later, though it seems that the immediate motive is no the struggle of the oppressed but rather inter-communal conflicts of the poweful and their parties.  Regardless it is necessary not to confuse weeds with good seeds, nor partial and biased versions with the complete truth.”

They concluded by saying that “The Las Abeajs Civil Society will continue struggling as awlays for truth and justice, not just in the Acteal case but rather in the tottality of the struggle for indigenous rights and autonomy and for all just casues of the people of Mexico.  In our commitment to make known the truth we add the search for truth regarding what is behind this manipulation of th eActeal case.  We want Zedilo and his accomplices to be judged, but we will not be quiet in light of the usurpation of our memory for opportunistic politicians and businesspeople, nor will we allow that a partial truth serve to occult the whole truth.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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