Chiapas: Confrontation in Guaquitepec; 4 injured and a school is destroyed

Photo: Installation of Bilingual Intercultural School of Guaquitepec

On 24 September 2011, in the community of Guaquitepec, municipality of Chilón, Chiapas, a group of 100 campesinos led by four caciques violently entered the installations pertaining to the project of the Communal Development of the Patron for Mexican Education A.C.  According to its press-release the group entered “the Emiliano Zapata bilingual high school, the intercultural school Bartolomé de Las casas, the laboratory for clinical analysis and the communal computer center, there generating a confrontation between the people of the project and the group, with the result that 4 were injured, including 2 of our comrades and 2 on their part.  Bey0nd this the schools were partially destroyed, as were the laboratory and nearly the entire computing center.

Subsequently the group directed itself to the home of Don Antonio Jiménez Álvarez and the home of Don Juan Pérez Hernández, principals of the community and promoters of the educational and developmental projects in the region since their founding; they were removed from their homes by force, beaten, and detained coercively until 1am by the invading group, tied up to a post in the central plaza of the community.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Denuncia sobre la situación en Guaquitepec‏ Chiapas, Radio Pozol, 25 September 2011


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