Chiapas: 8 days of hunger-strike at CERSS No. 5

Image @ Escrutinio Público

The indefinite hunger strike initiated on 29 September continues for the 7 prisoners held in CERSS No. 5 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, as does the fasting of 4 other comrades, in addition Rosa López Diaz, a female prisoner in the CERSS who finds herself in solidarity with the Voz del Amate.

Professor Alberto Patishtán Gómez, member of the Voz del Amate, declared to La Jornada his conviction to continue with the hunger-strike and fasting until they are all released.  “We must carry forward; we cannot accept that which we are living.  We demand our liberty, or we will die fighting,” he said.

To La Jornada Patishtán also said the following: “They tell our comrade [Rosa López] that if she does not suspend her fast they will take her son of two years from her.”  The argument used against Rosa Diaz’s custody of her son is that he “is malnourished” and she must “care for him” by abandoning her protest.  According to Patishtán, it is false that the child is malnourished.  “We know he is well.”  As he notes, “if it were true it would be the fault of the prison authorities, as it would demonstrate that they have not fed either the child or our comrade adequately.”

Professor Patishtán confirmed that on Monday “there arrived to see us a representative from the Secretary of Governance, Ángel Gabriel Pérez Morales, who offered to once again look over our cases.”  The prisoners replied that they would not accept “more of the same; we demand a solution: the cases are known; they should release us.”

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