Chiapas: new denunciation by the Roberto Barrios caracol regarding the situation in San Patricio, northern zone

Roberto Barrios caracol (

On 29 September, the Nueva semilla que va a producir Good-Government Council (JBG) from the Zapatista caracol based in Roberto Barrios published a new communiqué denouncing new death-threats, robbery, injuries, and looting against Zapatista support-bases in the community of San Patricio, autonomous rebellious municipality La Dignidad (official municipality of Sabanilla) in the northern zone of Chiapas.

Since 10 September, an armed group the JBG links to the paramilitaries of “Paz y Justicia” and the Union of Indigenous, Agrofishing, and Forest Communities (UCIAF) has besieged the community “with the intention of displacing our comrades.”

The JBG notes that the invaders said that the damages incurred would be paid for by Sandra Luz Cruz Espinosa, mayor of Tila, given that it was she who ordered them to stay on the land.  The communiqué denounces that the three levels of government “instead of resolving problems dedicate themselves to protecting and covering up this group of criminals, negotiating and meeting with them.”

The JBG ended the communiqué affirming that “they think that with moral and psychological wasting we will surrender.  We Zapatistas will not surrender.  We will not negotiate the lands we have recovered through the blood of our fallen comrades in 1994.  If more blood must be spilled, we know how to do this, regardless of the cost.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Se consolida asedio paramilitar a la comunidad de San Patricio: zapatistas (La Jornada, 30 September)

Nueva denuncia de la JBG de Roberto Barrios. Amenazas, robo y despojo en contra de bases de apoyo de San Patricio (JBG de Roberto Barrios, 29 September)

Demanda Sicilia garantizar la vida en la comunidad de San Patricio, Chiapas (Correo Ilustrado, La Jornada, 28 September)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Chiapas: harassment and risk of forced displacement in autonomous community of San Patricio in the northern zone (26 September 2011)

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