Guerrero – briefs: Teachers in Acapulco denounce extortion; 20 youth are kidnapped in Tierra Caliente; persecution against NGOs continues, says Tlachinollan; invitation to the XVI anniversary of the Communal Police

Photo: Cuartoscuro

Since 25 August, teachers in the suburban areas of Acapulco have denounced that they have been victims of kidnapping, extortion, and robbery of vehicles, for which reason they have decided to strike in hundreds of schools.  They have carried out marches and protests denouncing insecurity and extortion.  The number of extortion cases has tripled since 2004.  Ángel Aguirre Rivero, governor of the state, assured that it a meeting with the teachers to determine their return to classes is needed, as they cannot continue waiting.  He warned that if no agreement was reached, sanctions would be placed on the teachers.

In other news, on 25 September between 10:00 and 12:30 at least 20 youth were kidnapped in the municipalities of Cutzamala de Pinzón and Tlalchapa, Tierra Caliente, as confirmed by Aguirre Rivero.  He declared that an operation is being carried out in the zone due to the disappearance of these 20 persons.  Some of the kidnapped have been released, but the governor has rejected giving more details.  Those who have been found responsible for the the mass-kidnapping have been men in trucks who intercepted the victims in distinct actions: as they walked through the streets, rode on motorcycles, or simply were in their homes or workplaces.  The region of Tierra Caliente is presently suffering much insecurity and violence.  The previous week was reported another six kidnappings, all in the municipality of Tlalchapa.  On 28 September, a man and woman were executed in the community of La Iguana, municipality Coyuca de Catalán in this same zone.  The man was identified with a person kidnapped on 15 September in Altamirano; the woman continues to be unknown.

Beyond this, two years after the Bar Association of Lawyers of England and Wales (BHRC) visited Guerrero, the situation of human rights in the state has not improved, in accordance with the report presented by the BHRC on 21 September in Chilpancingo.  The authorities continue to harass defenders of individual rights and have not rectified the irregularities in the judicial system, says the report.  An example of this is that there has been no punishment for those who in 2009 murdered Raúl Lucas and Manuel Ponce, militants of the Organization for the Future of the Mixteco People (OPFM), nor for the killers of Lorenzo Fernández Ortega, murdered this very year.  He was the brother of the indigenous woman Inés Fernández Ortega, who was sexually assaulted by soldiers in 2002; both pertained to the Organization of the Me’phaa Indigenous People (OPIM).  Vidulfo Rosales, law coordinator of the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights, has lamented that the state government continues to deny justice to victims.

Lastly, the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities-Communal Police (CRAC-PC), in the mark of its XVI anniversary, has called with other organizations for the XXX meeting of the National Indigenous Congress.  The event, entitled “For the defense of our territories,” will be held on 14 and 15 October in the community Paraje Montero, municipality of Malinaltepec, in the region of La Montaña.  There will be 3 work-tables on “defense of territory,” “articulation of indigenous movements,” and “alternative media.”

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